Mother and baby pose for a photograph

How To Be A Super Mum – Or Is It Just A Myth?

What is a Super Mum?

We all know someone who makes being a mother (or father) look effortless. The so called Super Mum. I’m pretty sure that no matter who you are there will be someone who thinks the same about you too. And here’s why.  Continue Reading

Mummy Medals September 2017 Part 1

Mummy Medals

Mummy Medals Achieved This Week

Get my Goals On!


What am I proud of myself for this week?

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Boy in pushchair with mum smiling along side.

Mummy Medals – Part II August 2017

Mummy Medals

Mummy Medals Achieved This Week

  • Tidy Home
  • Roll Trainer

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Mother and baby pose for a photograph

Mummy Medals – July 2017 Part II

Mummy Medals

Feel free to comment or make suggestions for the regular questions I should ask myself in my Mummy Medals feature.

Mummy Medals Achieved This Week

  • Visiting my own mummy
  • Becoming a confident mummy
  • Making time to have an evening out with my husband
  • Photo frame hanger

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Baby sleeping with her arms out to the side

Sleep – The Hot Topic For All Parents?

How are you sleeping?

I remember the days when I could rely on the weather as a good old back up for conversation… “it’s been quite mild recently  hasn’t it?” or “it’s set to be the coldest winter yet”. I don’t need to rely on the weather now for chit chat. I have a young family… now I can chat about sleeeeeeep. Continue Reading

Listening and Developing

It’s so nice to connect.

I was playing with my beautiful Olivia this morning on her playmat. She is still young so doesn’t like to be there for too long but I like her to get different stimuli during the day.

Later I checked Twitter for babynews and came across @babymusic_aes. They produce music for Congitive development in babies. I thought I’d give it a shot. They are on Spotify so I put it on as I was giving Olivia a feed. It was very relaxing for me and Olivia fell asleep so I could enjoy a cuddle. She had the odd smile during her sleep. She must have been dreaming about me as it couldn’t have possibly been wind. I hope the music helped her.

I’m going to save this album to my playlist.

I’m not affiliated with them so I’m not getting a fee for promoting them, I just really liked the music and I’ll be using in future as I play with my kiddie winks. It will make a nice alternative to nursery rhymes.

If you are interested in listening here are some links to follow:

Spotify link

iTunes link

GooglePlay link
Don’t forget to follow them on twitter (and me)

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