I have a variety of interests that inspire my Artwork although you may find that most of my collections are inspired by the following.

I grew up in a midlands mining town near a canal. I took any opportunity to play outdoors and I was no stranger to scrapes and bruises. I like my artwork to celebrate the innocence of childhood whilst capturing the feeling of invincibility that is lost to most adults.

Growing up near a canal I was never too far away from the countryside and I long for views of rolling hills or water courses. I have moved away from my hometown I now live in the beautiful Derbyshire Dales. I only need to look out my window to enjoy stunning natural beauty along the river Derwent. I love hiking as it takes me through some intriguing landscapes. It is the smaller details that I focus on as I walk, from the delicate autumn leaves to the new spring buds on trees.

All of my drawing work is limited edition as I never produce more than 30 pieces for each individual collection. Each piece is hand drawn and so although limited each piece is still unique.

I currently have the following collections

Daisy Chaining

Gone Crabbing

Fly High, Fly Long