Unboxing Video of Apples and Pips New Baby Basket

It never ceases to amaze me how generous people can be. I gave birth to my gorgeous baby girl on 28th March and we received many cards and gifts.

One of those gifts came from my husband’s work colleagues. It was a basket, filled with goodies… and not just for the baby. This was a new baby gift with a difference. Yes there were items in there for the baby such as a cellular blanket, a bib and some cute leggings, but there was also a lavender scented candle and some parenting milestone cards “teething sucks” for the parents to enjoy amongst many other quality items.

Please note: It arrived with more love heart chocolates than seen below… omm nom nom

It was put together by a company quite local to me called Apples and Pips (www.applesandpips.co.uk). On the website you can also buy items individually which is great as the clothing in particular is great quality. 

Sorry about the poor editing- (my software kept crashing and life’s too short!) but here is my unboxing video

Thank you to my husbands colleagues and thank you Apples and Pips 

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