GCSE’s – Success Is Still Possible With Retakes

GCSE Season is complete

This is an incredible time for most GCSE students. Months of hard work, revision and dedication are over. It’s finally time to relax and wait, wait to see if the hard work has paid off. Interviews for college and 6th form have been completed and provisional offers are in place. The only thing left is to enjoy the summer.

August approaches

GCSE exam results day is 24th August this year. Students will file into their eerily quiet schools to collect an envelope that contains their hard earned results. As a teacher I am often there along with many other teaching colleagues to so show support for my students. Year upon year I see similar expressions through different faces.

Overjoyed and elated – They got the results they wanted or needed to progress on their chosen path. The elation comes from remembering how hard they worked and that they do actually deserve this result.

Happy as expected – This student was confident throughout the GCSE process and found the exams to be as expected and their results are as such, as expected.

Disappointed as expected – This student may not have realised they needed to work hard to attain results and they underachieved. They may have known at the time of their exams that they hadn’t done enough but still held some hope that they may have done better.

Completely devastated – It’s hard not to feel for these students. They are distraught. They may have worked their socks off but for one reason or another just didn’t get the grades they needed to progress.

It is heartbreaking to see any student disappointed. It feels like now more than ever there is so much pressure on them to do well. To make matters even more confusing the grading system is changing from A*-G to Grades 9-1. I try to use mindfulness techniques to help students cope with this stressful time.

What if the grades aren’t enough?

I’d like to reassure anyone who doesn’t get the results they want that it is not the end of the world. Some of us take a little longer reaching our goals and believe it or not there is help out there.

The difference between a grade C and a grade D is one mark, but unfortunately some students miss out by this tiny margin and need to retake the exam in order get onto their preferred course. If you or your child ends up in this situation there are options available.


For many students their final year would have been filled with pressure and a longing for it to be over. Why would anyone want to go through all that again? It can be off putting and some students give up at this point. However, there are specialist colleges for retaking GCSEs  such as Rochester Independent College. At Rochester Independent College students can start their A-Levels in the subjects they enjoy whilst working towards retakes into the GCSE’s that they need to improve upon. The wonderful thing about this is that the students can start to enjoy their education by becoming more specialised. This serves as motivation for retaking the GCSEs. As colleges such as this are invested in the student doing well in the A-Levels they have great support in place for GCSE retakes.

Student sat on laptop revising for GCSE
Study for Success

It is worth knowing that this option is available before your child collects their results envelope. If the results don’t come back as expected, taking positive steps to support the success of your child could make a huge difference in keeping them in education and on track to a successful future.


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