Routine with the Cuties – Breakfast 

Breakfast Routine

A routine can be boring and seem mundane. But routines can also be comforting, sometimes without us even knowing it. Routines after all provide structure in a fast paced and forever changing environment. You might loathe them but take them away and life just isn’t the same.

Our Breakfast Routine

I might have porridge, cereal, toast or a smoothie for breakfast depending on my mood. I’m human after all. I imagine my little 2 year old might have similar days. He isn’t talking much at the moment so he can’t  tell me what he wants. This is why I set out his options for him to pick each morning at his breakfast table.

He really likes this and giving him the choice means that the food gets eaten and he doesn’t try to get some of mine… well, if he finishes first then my breakfast is definitely game 😬

I recorded a video of George picking his breakfast. I love this little boy to pieces.

What is your breakfast routine?

I love cuddles with my cuties again and again

Thanks for reading and watching 😊


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