Mothercare XXS Compact Stroller

I just can’t get over how compact this pushchair/stroller is. I have had 2 different cars since having my first child and boot space was always important to me as with children you can never really travel light.

The amount of space a pushchair takes up is enormous and incredibly inconvenient. Whether is a collapsible stroller that needs to be placed on top of shopping bags or a travel system that needs to be built after every car journey, there are definitely drawbacks to any choice of pushchair.

The XXS stroller takes up so little space it is just great for quick trips out and about. Its easy to put up and take down and there is a generous amount of storage for a stroller under the seat. This storage will mostly be taken up with a changing bag as the stroller is so lightweight I wouldn’t trust it to hold my enormous bag on the back. Luckily though I have a little changing pod bag for travelling light with this stroller.

I have a second child on the way now, otherwise this would have been my choice of stroller for going on holiday (flying). I know you don’t really get restrictions on the size and weight of your stroller but I might have tried to get this one though in hand luggage so that I always had it from the gate and some airlines do that but others make you go to oversized baggage.

When the next baby arrives this compact stroller is going to grans. She doesn’t have much space at her house and I know she’ll love taking George out on little trips along the canal to give him some quality time.

The only drawbacks to this stroller are that it can’t lie flat so if little bubba needs a nap it’s not the best stroller. Also although there is a sun shade I never had a rain cover so it’s only a sunny day stroller and I never really had the confidence to have it as my sole pushchair. Maybe when the babies are older and rarely need the pushchair but I’m not in a position to judge that just yet.

Here is a link to the stroller on mothercare (it’s a mothercare exclusive) in case you were interested in having a look.



Simple Sunday Stroll to Happiness

Sundays can easily slip away from me. I try to get the house in order for the coming week but if I’m not careful, the time zooms by and I’m left thinking I’ve not really achieved much. 

Today started out slightly differently. Last night my Son spent his first night in his toddler bed. I was half expecting him to be up in the night running around or doing the same at the crack of dawn. He didn’t though. He slept through and woke at his usual time. He sat up in his bed and cried for me. I was hoping he would climb out and explore his room. I guess he hasn’t figured out he can do this yet. 

I did manage to get the house in order in between playing during the morning hours. Outside looked fresh. It wasn’t too cold and with no rain it looked like a good day for a walk. We probably would have gone for a country hike but my pregnancy won’t allow that at the moment. We decided to go to a local park and garden instead in Matlock.

I want expecting so many shops to be open in the town. We had a browse around some shops before unleashing the toddler in the park. 

If there is one thing I have learned today it is: puddles are great fun. Even though George isn’t old enough to jump in them yet, he made a beeline for every puddle in sight and pottered through them. He loves his independence and it was so lovely to just watch him enjoying being free to walk around. 

He doesn’t like to hold hands, he is always suspicious that he will be held back… he’s right. 

There is duck pond near the play park and he chuckled as he shouted “duck”. It was one of his first words as my mum walk take his down to the local canal as a baby to feed the ducks. 

I thought the park would be too big for him but there was a great climbing frame that he was able to decsend on his own to climb up to a large slide. I think we could still be there now if it was up to George: he loved it. That and running in and around the other fixtures. 

The park was really clean and had a soft rubbery floor around most of the fixtures so even when George did stumble he stayed relatively clean. There is also a paddling pool in the park which we didn’t venture into today but I’m certainly looking forward to returning in the warmer months. 

It’s little outings like this that make me so grateful for being a parent. It’s also times like this that make me feel like I’m being a good parent; my husband too. 

It’s the simple things that make us happy. I hope you have had a beautiful day. 

Omlet Qute Hamster House

img_6707I love having a hamster for a pet. Po is so adorable and loving. He loves cuddles and coming out to play.

The only problem is, when you look around at the hamster cage market you find a range of cages that go from quite dull and boring to something straight out of a Roald Dahl book.

Po was bought just before my husband and I went into nesting mode for our new baby.  During nesting we redecorated the entire house. We tore down walls and ceilings, it wasn’t just a paint job! After all the redecoration we were struggling to find a place in our living room for our hamster cage.

Omlet came to the rescue. There are a few colour options but we went for the Walnut style Qute design costing £89. The colours of the unit fitted in with our decor and gave us an elevated table for a lamp. Even though it isn’t designed for a corner we placed it in one anyway and I think it looks nice. What’s great is how Po is now a feature in our living room and we can easily watch him play around.

There is a handy compartment for food, bedding and a hamster ball at the bottom which fastens with a push magnetic catch. The mechanism is quite sturdy and feels good quality.

It is also super easy to clean out with the sawdust tray sliding out like a dream and the cage parts can be removed easily. The wheel and water bottle are also easily removed for cleaning and filling. Sometimes Po’s little feet drop through the cage section under the water bottle which makes me feel sorry for him though.

Po loves to burrow and the deep tray means that we can give him a load of shavings for bedding and because the sides are so high there is no mess thrown out on the carpet… win!

Po also loves burying his food so as soon as we fill up his bowl it is enptied into various hiding places. It makes it look like we don’t feel him but we do. He is a spoilt little fur ball.

All in all I think this is a great little unit if you want to have your pet intergrated into your home. Did I mention the wheel isn’t squeaky either.. big plus.

Check out the other designs at omlet here


My New Table Lamp

Up until now I have kept design items in my home quite minimal and basic. I like clean lines and blocks of colour. A part of me always wanted a little more opulence though.

I actually went out to buy a pendant lamp for my staircase. The staircase opens out into my living room and the fixture that was there was broken by a wardrobe delivery a while ago. I decided that I wanted something more than just a plan shade and came across the Bella range in Next Home.

I loved the mink coloured shade but the droplets of glass gave the shade the opulence I was looking for.

Whilst shopping we came across the table lamp. As it happens the lamp has two bulbs. The top bulb is a bayonet fitting and the bulb in the base has a screw fitting. We are in the process of buying automated bulbs so the bayonet is not an issue but we are still waiting on the adapter for the base.

The shade is nice and simple which I do like in a lamp. We were a little disappointed that there was a slight blemish on the shade at the front which cast a slight shadow but we have adjusted the shade so it doesn’t show at the front. I was thinking of returning the lamp but I was so excited to have it the adjustment allowed us to live with its tiny flaw.

In situe the lamp looks beautiful. I think the base looks similar to a jellyfish.

The photos show various different colour settings from our Hue bulbs.

I’m not sure if the cabinet that my lamp sits on it too high for the lamp as it is quite tall but I love the light and patterns that it casts.

Im looking forward to my pendant lamp shade arriving now.

Here is the link to the next home shop where you can click and collect or order straight to your home. I’d still recommend trying to get into a store to see the lamp for yourself as I don’t think any of the photos do it justice.

Getting Started on Ebay

I have decided to try and gain more traffic to my site through selling on Ebay. It took me a while to set up an account, Paypal and get everything linked up but it’s done now and I’m really pleased.

My Ebay username is linedesignsuk

I tried using a different style of photography, please let me know my commenting if you think that this works well for my art or if you think I could be doing anything to improve the perception of my artwork. I was hoping that the wood would give a better perception of size for the art and the frame would allow buyers to visualise the piece in their homes.

The link to the listing is here

The work is part of a new collection that I’ll be blogging about very soon so keep following for more news.

Watercolour in memory of my Little Captain Monster

I had a look back through one of my sketchbooks today and found some art that I had been working on last year. I drew this last spring after I bought the pussy willow for my garden. The willow was planted in memory of my little hamster “captain monster” who had passed away. The furry catkins reminded me of my cute little hamster. She had a happy life. RIP.

Pussy Willow

Happy Mother’s Day

To my amazing mother who has loved and cared for me all my life. Happy Mother’s Day. I hope you had a lovely day. Even though this day is dedicated to mother’s I love and cherish you every day.


Happy mothers day

Shark Attack

We're gonna need another boat
We’re gonna need another boat

Films fill me with nostalgia. Even though I steered clear of scary films when I was young this film had a lasting impression on me. I was terrified to go swimming in the sea and it certainly put me off lilos.