Cookie Jar Toy Review – Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Cookie Shape Surprise Toy

Cookie Jar Toy Review

I’ve had this little cookie jar toy since George was around 7-8 months old and he was grabbing things. As he has developed to an age of now 25 months, he still plays with this colourful toy. He now plays differently with the toy and I can see him developing new ways of making it interesting for him. It has become a toy that he always seems to go back to and I would definitely recommend to anyone who wanted a shape sorting toy for their children but didn’t know what to invest in.

I wanted to share how we play and look forward to playing with this toy. I’ve included some extra games we play with the cookie jar toy. Why not leave a comment with how you have innovated with this toy?

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Aquadoodle Deluxe Review and Game Tips

Aquadoodle Deluxe Review

I wanted an Aquadoodle Deluxe for George as I loved the idea of colourful messy play. Messy play without the mess that is.

Even though George poured the “paintbrush” container all over the carpet when we first played I know now he wouldn’t be without it.

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Weight Loss After a Baby – Getting Started – Follow my Vlog for Tips on a Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss

Weight Loss: is it the right thing to focus on? I have an issue with weight. Not because I want to loose it but because of what it means to so many people. So I’m going to start by saying this… no matter what weight you are, you are beautiful! Your weight does not define you as a person and it shouldn’t be used as a measure of how society views you as a person.

Why I want to lose weight

Lets talk about weight loss. I have lost weight successfully before. I have gained weight after having 2 babies quite close together.I had a cesarean with my first and this prevented me from starting up a rigorous exercise routine again. During my second pregnancy I suffered with SPD and this prevented me from doing quite a bit of exercise so I’ve become generally unfit, oh yeah and I gained weight during pregnancy too which is no surprise.

I feel like it is the right time to start getting back into shape. Not because I am fixated with a particular weight, but because I want to develop a healthy lifestyle for my children. I want them to view the “normal” option as the healthy option so that they grow up making the right choices about their diet and exercise. I’m hoping this gives them a healthier, happier and chance of a longer life.

Printable Freebies for June 2017 – Small charge thereafter

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Weekly Menu Plan

Diet and Exercise Tracker

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GCSE’s – Success Is Still Possible With Retakes

GCSE Season is complete

This is an incredible time for most GCSE students. Months of hard work, revision and dedication are over. It’s finally time to relax and wait, wait to see if the hard work has paid off. Interviews for college and 6th form have been completed and provisional offers are in place. The only thing left is to enjoy the summer.

August approaches

GCSE exam results day is 24th August this year. Students will file into their eerily quiet schools to collect an envelope that contains their hard earned results. As a teacher I am often there along with many other teaching colleagues to so show support for my students. Year upon year I see similar expressions through different faces.

Overjoyed and elated – They got the results they wanted or needed to progress on their chosen path. The elation comes from remembering how hard they worked and that they do actually deserve this result.

Happy as expected – This student was confident throughout the GCSE process and found the exams to be as expected and their results are as such, as expected.

Disappointed as expected – This student may not have realised they needed to work hard to attain results and they underachieved. They may have known at the time of their exams that they hadn’t done enough but still held some hope that they may have done better.

Completely devastated – It’s hard not to feel for these students. They are distraught. They may have worked their socks off but for one reason or another just didn’t get the grades they needed to progress.

It is heartbreaking to see any student disappointed. It feels like now more than ever there is so much pressure on them to do well. To make matters even more confusing the grading system is changing from A*-G to Grades 9-1. I try to use mindfulness techniques to help students cope with this stressful time.

What if the grades aren’t enough?

I’d like to reassure anyone who doesn’t get the results they want that it is not the end of the world. Some of us take a little longer reaching our goals and believe it or not there is help out there.

The difference between a grade C and a grade D is one mark, but unfortunately some students miss out by this tiny margin and need to retake the exam in order get onto their preferred course. If you or your child ends up in this situation there are options available.


For many students their final year would have been filled with pressure and a longing for it to be over. Why would anyone want to go through all that again? It can be off putting and some students give up at this point. However, there are specialist colleges for retaking GCSEs  such as Rochester Independent College. At Rochester Independent College students can start their A-Levels in the subjects they enjoy whilst working towards retakes into the GCSE’s that they need to improve upon. The wonderful thing about this is that the students can start to enjoy their education by becoming more specialised. This serves as motivation for retaking the GCSEs. As colleges such as this are invested in the student doing well in the A-Levels they have great support in place for GCSE retakes.

Student sat on laptop revising for GCSE
Study for Success

It is worth knowing that this option is available before your child collects their results envelope. If the results don’t come back as expected, taking positive steps to support the success of your child could make a huge difference in keeping them in education and on track to a successful future.


Unboxing Video of Apples and Pips New Baby Basket

It never ceases to amaze me how generous people can be. I gave birth to my gorgeous baby girl on 28th March and we received many cards and gifts.

One of those gifts came from my husband’s work colleagues. It was a basket, filled with goodies… and not just for the baby. This was a new baby gift with a difference. Yes there were items in there for the baby such as a cellular blanket, a bib and some cute leggings, but there was also a lavender scented candle and some parenting milestone cards “teething sucks” for the parents to enjoy amongst many other quality items.

Please note: It arrived with more love heart chocolates than seen below… omm nom nom

It was put together by a company quite local to me called Apples and Pips ( On the website you can also buy items individually which is great as the clothing in particular is great quality. 

Sorry about the poor editing- (my software kept crashing and life’s too short!) but here is my unboxing video

Thank you to my husbands colleagues and thank you Apples and Pips 

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Predicting Naptime in Children? 

I’m a mother of a 2 year old who has only one nap a day now I still find it difficult to predict when he will drop off. The only thing I know is that if he drops off to sleep at any point, even if it’s for 10 minutes, he will not go back to sleep if woken and I end up with a very cranky toddler until bedtime. 

I find myself planning my afternoons around his naptime. He falls asleep easily in the car so if it’s a 10 minutes journey I don’t want him to have that time as his only nap. Sometimes it is unavoidable… oh those joyful days. 

He has been accustomed to having naps at nursery but now I’m on second maternity leave, he sees the house as playtime and he suffers from FOMO (fear of missing out) so getting him to nap is a challenge. 

Here is a link for why naptime is important. 

Now I have an 8 week old who naps throughout the day, but this won’t last for long. Soon I’ll be juggling 2 children who will likely not want to nap at the same time.  

Shall I just prepare for cranky kids or is there a secret I don’t know about? If there was a secret I’m sure there would a post or forum thread somewhere. Oh well.

So to all those parents who have uncoordinated naptime and don’t even get your own sleep in the night… I’m with you! It’s all worth it… keep going… and put the kettle on. 

A Little Motivation

A little quote to help you along today:

“It is often said that before you die your life passes before your eyes. This is in fact true. It’s called living.”

Terry Pratchett 

Go out there and live! 

Have a nice day.

7 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Summer

Summer is great! Long days, great weather, ice-cream and fun fun fun! Although, summer often comes and goes in a blink of any eye. If you aren’t careful you might miss it, especially if you live in sunny Britain (otherwise known as rainy Britain). Here are some tips to get you making the most of the outdoors this summer.

1. Pack a summer change bag

Be ready to go at the drop of a hat with a few extra summer essentials:

  • Sun cream: I reccommend SPF 50 for your little ones. 
  • A large muslin and a couple of pegs- this makes a great sun shade/tent at your picnic destination. Please don’t peg a muslin across a pram as this can cause overheating in children/babies.
  • Refillable water bottles- don’t get dehydrated!
  • Sun hats and long sleeved spare clothes for extra sun protection 
  • Swim nappy – many parks have outdoor swimming pools for summer splash fun

2. Check with your council for local events

Your local council will want you to use their facilities. Many produce promotional material to get parents to use their parks and fill up their parking meters. Subscribe to their newsletters or request their annual events programme so you don’t miss out on local events or opportunities.

3 Bubbles

Bubbles are great fun for all ages. Little ones love to watch them and they make excellent visual sensory fun. Older children love them just as much. In fact.. add bubbles to your summer change bag pronto!

4 Chalk- get creative 

If you are stuck in the house for some reason but want your children to enjoy the outdoors, arm them with a chunk of chalk. Here are some suggestions:

  • Draw pictures on your patio
  • Draw a large letter and ask the kids to find objects in the garden beginning with that letter
  • Draw a chalk mural.
  • Draw different coloured crosses around the garden. Whilst enjoying a sit down, should out colours and watch your children dash to the correctly coloured cross. Repeat until bedtime for a peaceful evening.

5 What about my newborn? 

Getting out of the house is important for the parent as much as it is the newborn. Here are some ideas to make going out more of a sensory activity. 

Plan a stroll in areas with different noises e.g. Walk along a road to a park where children are playing, then along a river/canal or near a lake where water can beard heard or water birds can be seen. 

Walk under tree canopies to allow the broken light onto your baby who is looking up. 

Don’t forget to talk to your baby the whole time to keep them stimulated and help with your bonding.

6 Using the environment to get creative

Children are wired up to learn and be creative so just getting them to a park, field or footpath might be enough to get them excited and playing with the environment. Here are some more ideas to help you along:

  • Make a musical instrument with a grass blade
  • Spot different birds
  • Look at leaves and try to identify the tree/plant – take care not to pic poisonous plants- this is a good way to teach your children about natural dangers 
  • Play pooh sticks
  • Blowing heads off dandelion clocks
  • Collect twigs and fallen leaves for a nature collage when you get home

Check out this link for my suggestions for walking with babies and toddlers.

7 Make the most of those evenings 

If you are stuck at work all day or if the days are just too hot to handle, an evening outing could be just the trick. The temperature might be more favourable and it really means you are making the most of your time. Plan an evening picnic along with a short stroll. An evening away from the TV is great for family bonding time and it’s easily achieved. You don’t have to go far, it could even just be a quick trip to the local park. It’s free and your kids will love it!

I hope you like my suggestions and take the opportunities as they arise. 

If the weather never comes though you can always get away – here are some flying tips 

Leave a comment with your suggestions for outdoor fun. 

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Have a great time enjoying some fresh air