Omlet Qute Hamster House

img_6707I love having a hamster for a pet. Po is so adorable and loving. He loves cuddles and coming out to play.

The only problem is, when you look around at the hamster cage market you find a range of cages that go from quite dull and boring to something straight out of a Roald Dahl book.

Po was bought just before my husband and I went into nesting mode for our new baby.  During nesting we redecorated the entire house. We tore down walls and ceilings, it wasn’t just a paint job! After all the redecoration we were struggling to find a place in our living room for our hamster cage.

Omlet came to the rescue. There are a few colour options but we went for the Walnut style Qute design costing £89. The colours of the unit fitted in with our decor and gave us an elevated table for a lamp. Even though it isn’t designed for a corner we placed it in one anyway and I think it looks nice. What’s great is how Po is now a feature in our living room and we can easily watch him play around.

There is a handy compartment for food, bedding and a hamster ball at the bottom which fastens with a push magnetic catch. The mechanism is quite sturdy and feels good quality.

It is also super easy to clean out with the sawdust tray sliding out like a dream and the cage parts can be removed easily. The wheel and water bottle are also easily removed for cleaning and filling. Sometimes Po’s little feet drop through the cage section under the water bottle which makes me feel sorry for him though.

Po loves to burrow and the deep tray means that we can give him a load of shavings for bedding and because the sides are so high there is no mess thrown out on the carpet… win!

Po also loves burying his food so as soon as we fill up his bowl it is enptied into various hiding places. It makes it look like we don’t feel him but we do. He is a spoilt little fur ball.

All in all I think this is a great little unit if you want to have your pet intergrated into your home. Did I mention the wheel isn’t squeaky either.. big plus.

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