Mummy Medals September 2017 Part 1

Mummy Medals

Mummy Medals Achieved This Week

Get my Goals On!


What am I proud of myself for this week?

Mummy Medal – Get my goals on. It can be very consuming having 2 children, a home, and a husband to look after. It is so easy to forget about yourself. This week set myself some goals. One of them is to look at ways of engaging more with people outside of my blog and I have developed a strategy for becoming more consistent. I blog for the love of it, but like anything I do, I’m always looking for ways to improve. I really like doing this feature as it makes me reflect on how lucky I am. I’m hoping to reach out to other parents to join me with a guest post following a similar structure. I love celebrating the achievements of parenthood. If you’re a parent and interested please let me know… Don’t let “Mummy” medals put you off, I know there are tonnes of great Daddy’s out there too. I’d love to hear from you and award some Daddy medals.

Fabulous text in a frame artwork
A little art making to cheer me up

How Did George Make me Proud?

George is becoming much more creative in his Duplo creations. He has started to build car extensions and then send them down his slide.

He has enjoyed some garden time this week. We have been having our garden landscaped over the summer and it is finally at a stage where we can play out there. I was watering my newly laid turf and I filled up a toy watering can. He poddled around the garden watering the plants for me. It just melted my heart. I love that he is so helpful. Mummy Medal – Gardener

Little boy playing with water in a garden
George enjoys water play in the garden

How did Olivia Make me Proud?

Olivia gave me an excuse to go shopping for some 6-9 month clothes for her this week. She is only 5 months old but growing so fast. I miss the little helpless newborn but she is developing her own little character. Being far more vocal than George was at her age she cracks me up with her vocal talents and loves to tell me about her day. Olivia is such a happy little girl.

Baby in a Strawberry gro and bib
Olivia sporting a new gro and dribble bib

Funniest Moments

George had managed to break through the defenses of the stair gate. I called him to come down the stairs but he found a masterful hiding place behind a curtain so that he could not be detected. Each time I called him I would hear a little giggle. I’m not sure he realised yet that his feet peeping out from the bottom of the curtain are a dead giveaway to his hiding place. I love his little mind.

Little boy hiding behind a curtain on a ledge.
Where’s George Gone?

Frustrating/Guilty Moments

I met a mum this week who told me that when her 1st baby was 5 days old she went out for a meal at a local pub. She was wearing a modesty shroud as she breastfed her baby but this didn’t stop a woman approaching her and telling her that what she was doing was disgusting and it was putting her off her food. I find it shocking that people have the gall to do this and it really frustrates me that any mother should get judged for the way she feeds her baby. Fed is best! I am really fortunate that I have been able to breastfeed my babies. When I return to work I will be combination feeding. I’m glad I haven’t had to endure such negative judgmental comments from narrow-minded, delusional, sociopathic folk who think their insulting opinion is worth sharing with me. It really does take a special kind of low to approach and verbally attack a complete stranger who is feeding their baby in a restaurant!  What would your favourite come back to this be? I think mine is “Well at least I don’t sound like a pig chewing coal when I eat, try shutting your mouth… starting now”.

George holds a yellow Duplo brick in his mouth
George doesn’t mind any form of feeding

Any Plans?

We are off to Majorca in a couple of weeks so I will be busy trying to eliminate the laundry basket pile and pack. It’s very exciting that George will have his own seat on the plane this time around and be using his Trunki in the airport.


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