Mummy Medals – Part II August 2017

Mummy Medals

Mummy Medals Achieved This Week

  • Tidy Home
  • Roll Trainer

What am I proud of myself for this week?

You may think I am telling fibs but the house was in a completely tidy state for a very brief period of time this week. The Ironing was done and clothes away, beds were made with fresh linen, vacuuming had been completed and all bathrooms were sparkling. It was really nice. Then I opened the laundry basket and got back to it. The house will never be completely in order I just need to accept that. Mummy Medal – Tidy Home

How did George make me Proud?

George has been more sociable at Toy library this week. He still doesn’t like to get fully involved as he isn’t talking yet but he has sat with other children this week and payed games of hide and seek in the play tents. His singing is coming along and he loves The Wheels on the Bus, Baa Baa Black Sheep and Incy Wincy Spider at the minute. He keep saying something at bedtime “Tous”? I’m not quite sure what he is asking for but I’ll keep you posted. 

George has added the following words and phrases to his vocabulary:

  • Where did mummy go
  • Is that nice? (when you eat something at dinner time)
  • OK Google, Turn on the lights
  • OK Google, ~general babbling~ Orange (or other colour)
Smiling toddler eating a cracker and smiling
George enjoying a cracker after a nap

How did Olivia make me Proud?

She has been getting really good at rolling onto her belly this past week. Just this morning she has managed to roll back onto her back. I think this has been in part accidental but she seems to be getting much stronger and I think she will be confident in this skill by next week. Mummy Medal – Roll Trainer.

I bought Olivia a Soffi the Giraffe this week as she has been dribbling. Olivia has improved her coordination and is confidently bringing items to her mouth and moving them around with both hands.

Baby on back playing with hanging toys
Olivia improves her core strength with her dangling toys

Funniest Moments

I suppose this was not so funny for George but we were visiting family and hubby has Olivia on his lap with her facing out. George came to say hello and Olivia projectile vomited all over him. She managed to get his hair, face (mouth) and top. He wasn’t bothered though. I guess this was her first prank on her big bro.

Frustrating Moments

I mentioned earlier that Olivia has been rolling onto her belly this week. It has been frustrating for her as she has struggled to move back. I’ve been encouraging her to roll but she has become frustrated at times. I roll her onto her back and calm her then she rolled back again! I knew she would get there at some point.

Guilty Moments

I mentioned that I managed to get the house in an immaculate state. Well, this meant that I had been spending less time with my children paling on that day which made me feel guilty. I think I need to find a better balance. I need to have daily house chores, baby time, toddler time, and me time .

Any Plans?

We are off to In the Night Garden Live  this weekend which I am really excited about.

Are You A Mummy That Does?

Feel free to comment or make suggestions for the regular questions I should ask myself in my Mummy Medals feature. Let me know if you would like a to write a Mummy medals and appear as a guest post.

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