Mummy Medals August 2017

Mummy Medals

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Mummy Medals Achieved This Week

  • Juggling Mummy – went to a playgroup on my own with to children
  • Tantrum, What tantrum?

What am I proud of myself for this week?

I have been a little fearful of going to playgroups with two children on my own. I decided to go back to the Toy Library and see if I could handle it. It was actually a really nice group. Everyone there knows what its like to have children and many know what its like to have two children close together. They helped keep an eye on escape artist George as I played with Olivia. George did manage to push over the safety fence though. I’m still proud of myself for going though -Mummy Medal: Juggling Mummy

How did George make me Proud?

George is still really enjoying his colours and number and shouts them out as he points everywhere he goes. He has a counting book called Counting Cows by Woody Jackson. He loves it! Each page counts down from 10 until there are zero cows. He loves counting the cows and telling me if there are Five Fenced Fresians or Two Crossing Bossies. This book is read at least 5 times every night. 

Words that George has added to his vocabulary

  • Whistle
  • Oh nuts
  • Bossie
  • Fresian
  • Cow
  • Rectangle
  • What have you found

How did Olivia make me Proud?

Olivia has started to roll onto her belly quite well now and is almost rolling back again. She’s grabbing objects and pulling them to her mouth and is investigating her hands all the time. She is such a little beauty and smiles a lot more now. Olivia is definitely a  morning person… not so much an evening person but we can work on that.

Baby in a pink sleepsuit looking at camera
Olivia is always content in the morning

Funniest Moments

We have had a new footstool to replace the coffee table. We loved the coffee table but it has sharp edges and corners! The footstool has an extra firm cushion on the top. As soon as it arrived George has climbed aboard and was dancing and singing Baa Baa Black Sheep to himself. When he’s excited he says the words as fast as he can. Bless him it was so funny.

Little boy wrapped in a grey throw
Cheeky George wraps up warm

Frustrating Moments

George gets really frustrated very easily at the moment. I know it’s just a phase that he is going through as he explores his emotions and learns how to control his frustration. I try to let him get his anger out but its agonising watching him be so upset. If this happens out in public I can get looks from people like I should be doing more to control my child. I actually find that more frustrating to be honest. Snooty people thinking Children should be seen and not heard. Well I’ve got news for you: my kids are going to be free to learn how to express their emotions as this will make them more grounded and less aggressive in the long run. Check out this excellent blog post if you want to learn more about why children have temper tantrums and how you can deal with them. Mummy Medal – Tantrum, What tantrum?

Guilty Moments

I think the guilty moments I have at the moment are the ones where I don’t feel like I spend enough time with me children because of the children. When Olivia demands my time I need to give it to er as she is only 20 weeks old. George can play independently but he always likes to know I’m there. I try to spend quality time with him when Olivia sleeps or rests. He loves hide and chase or drawing and colouring in. On the other hand Olivia can be on her play mat playing with her dangly toys and George demands attention. When George was this age I would have been sat talking to him so that he could make the most of learning about facial expressions. I know if will get easier when they can play together. I’m going to focus on giving quality time rather than worrying about the quantity of time in the future.

George holds a yellow Duplo brick in his mouth
LEGO/DUPLO play whilst Olivia sleeps

Any Plans?

I’m looking forward to spending some time with friends at the weekend. They have children a similar age to George and Olivia and it’s nice watching them play.

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