Mother’s Day Now I’m a Mother

Mother’s day has always been a very special day for me. I knew my mother would get some love and appreciation for being the wonderful person that she is and that was something to look forward to. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to think that my mother feels loved and appreciated all year round, but mother’s day is when we can actually stop and enjoy the moment.

I became a mother in April 2015 so I have enjoyed one mother’s day with my amazing Son. It felt strange having the limelight of the day shifting onto me. I’m now heavily pregnant and it is entirely possible that I may end up having the gift of another child this year.

What is important to me is that my mother and mother-in-law both feel love and affection as well. I simply could not enjoy the day if I felt like they didn’t get their appreciation. I am looking forward to a special day with my son though, after all next year he will be sharing the day with his sibling… possibly this year too.

The best way to get around this feeling of having to split the time between all of us amazing females is to get thoughtful gifts. Some of the most thoughtful gifts need not be the most expensive either. I often find that I spend less when being thoughtful. I don’t do it to be a penny pincher but it benefits both the recipient and my pocket so win-win. Also, I don’t mind going over budget on people when I think I’ve found a gift that’s right for them.

One year I bought my mother some silicone kitchen utensils. She was absolutely made up with them as she didn’t know you could get a mixing spoon in silicone. My mother hates touching wet wood and so her wooden mixing spoon was something she hated using in the kitchen. I gave her a wood free cooking experience that year and she was positively made up with happiness, even though it might seem strange as a gift idea.

My mother may read this post so I don’t want her to get an idea of what I’ve got her this year, but I’d like to think that she will see I’ve been thoughtful and that I love her very much.

I’m grateful for the time I get to spend with my mother all year round. I have friends who don’t have that privilege so it is important to me that I make the most of what I have and be grateful.

Happy Mother’s day 2017

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  1. Thanks for this blog and I do feel appreciated as I know your Mum does. I’m am proud and privileged to be a mum/mother in law. My children show how much they care 12months of the year and are always there in good times and bad. Enjoy your special Mother’s Day with your son and your soon to be son or daughter these times are so precious. Xx

  2. I have just read this Adele. What a lovely post. I’d like you to know that you do make me feel appreciated . One of the ways that you reflect this is your thoughtfulness. And yes you put thought into your gifts. They are always something that I need and will use. This years mother’s day gift was a lovely money box wooden house. This is to save my money for a wooden summer house when I retire. You have already donated some money into the summer house fund too. Although you always make Mother’s Day Special, you are a mother now and it is your turn to receive the love and special memories life will bring to you through your own children. You are a perfect child and a per mother. I love you . Mum xxx

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