Adele’s Easy Stock Recipe For Toddler Meals

Stock Recipe’s

Are you a chef? If the answer is no then you  probably don’t make your own stock for when recipes call for it in your kitchen. I’ve had a go at making stock a couple of times when I’ve purchased a new recipe book… who hasn’t right? Most of the time though, I use stock cubes as they are so much easier and take up very little space in storage.

The problem with stock cubes

There are some great quality stock cubes out there.  You can even get them from Amazon. They give balanced flavour to your unseasoned meal. Perfect! However, now I have children I am looking for stock that has all the wonderful vitamins from the veg but with reduced salt.

Adele’s Easy Stock Recipe


Whatever veg you are cooking, E.g. Carrots, swede, peas, broccoli, cabbage

Rapeseed oil

What? No specific ingredients?

That’s right. You can make Stock whenever you are boiling your veg. Just strain your vegetable water into a Pyrex bowl or other container and let cool. I usually add a dash of rapeseed oil to the water when cooking the veg to help the fat soluble vitamins dissolve and help preserve them in cooking.   I don’t add salt to my water and season the adult portions after I have separated out my toddler allocation.

When the liquid has been allowed to cook I transfer the liquid in 250ml (1 cup) volumes into freezer bags and then freeze.

Bowl of Vegetable Stock
Bowl of stock from carrot, swede and pea water from my Sunday dinner

Uses of the stock

If meals need stock or more liquid adding I just get out a bag of stock and add it to the dish. I often add it to my Pasta Bol dish (get the recipe here). I almost feel like I am adding a vitamin supplement to the meal.

What do you mean by fat soluble?

Four vitamins: A, D, E & K dissolve in fats (fat soluble) and the rest dissolve in water (water soluble). This means that the vitamins will either be dissolved into your water or fat portion of your meal if they have leaked out of your food during cooking. We require enough fat in our diet to aid in the absorption of these vitamins.

I hope this will inspire you to save your veggie water as stock to add flavour and nutrients to your future dishes when cooking. It’s so simple and not much more effort.

Thank you for reading.

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