3 Ideas to Help You Conquer the Monday Blues

It’s Monday morning. It’s the day many people wake up and wish it was still Sunday or even better Saturday. Even when I used to enjoy my job Monday still had a bit of a miserable start. Now I just have to focus on getting out of bed. 

Negativity is something that spreads easily if you let it. Here are a few tips to breaking that negativity barrier and taking back Monday morning… or any miserable morning for that matter!

1.  The Sun has risen and will rise again tomorrow.

This reminds me that I’m a tiny part of the universe that is awesome and constantly changing. There are many constants for me such as the Earth spinning but at the same time I am powerless to change them. All I can do is let my amazing planet take me on this amazing ride today and make the most of it. If I make the most of things I can be happy about it, if not, well, the ride resets for tomorrow. If nothing else, at least tomorrow isn’t Monday.

2. Conquer your inner self doubter. You are in control of you!

I have found myself not wanting to do certain tasks because I think either my colleagues or people I’m working with don’t like me or will somehow lose respect for me (I think these are normal anxieties for someone who wants to do well in life and can be powerful in pushing you forward).

Reflect on self doubt as just your own brains way of checking on you. It’s normal to want to double check you’re ok. Don’t be afraid to say “awww, thanks brain, actually I’ve got this”. 

3. Most People Are Generally Good

This thought really helps me when I can’t see past why someone behaves in a certain way. I may think “why are they like that”? or “what planet are they on”. Now I try to think “they must must be oblivious to how they are acting as they are coming from a good place” I really try to imagine what that “good place” might be for that person. This process helps me break out of the negativity loop that can spiral out of control if you’re not careful. It helps me be more positive with the person and eventually this does lead to an improvement in the relationship (even if it is just me that is happier). 
I wrote this post following this daily prompt. Hope you like it.


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