Mummy Medals – July 2017 Part II

Mummy Medals

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Mummy Medals Achieved This Week

  • Visiting my own mummy
  • Becoming a confident mummy
  • Making time to have an evening out with my husband
  • Photo frame hanger

What am I proud of myself for this week?

I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks but I am really proud of myself for finding an inner peace. This might seem strange but I think I have had a bit of stress over the past few years and it isn’t until you come out of the haze until you realise what life should feel like. I know stress is a strong word and maybe I should replace it with “uncertainty” as I learned how to expand my life to add “mummy” to my skills list. Whatever the label, I feel like I am happy with myself and the decisions I am making for my family. I feel supported by my husband who reminds me regularly that I am doing an ace job at being everything I want to be. Most of all I feel confident that my future is bright as long as I maintain this positive attitude.  If you are feeling different after having a baby or even during pregnancy, it is possible you may be suffering from post-natal depression. Always talk about your feelings as every mother has the right to enjoy motherhood.

On a practical note, I’ve printed some photos and refreshed some frames so I now have pictures of the kids on the wall (it only took 2 1/4 years.

How did George make me Proud?

George is very independent but he has been showing his love more recently. He says “duddle” and comes for a cuddle. In the past when he came to be picked up he usually just wanted a height advantage so he could flip a light switch but now he loves his cuddles… just because.

One thing he is doing which melt my heart is he will grab my clothes (or Daddy’s) and pull us somewhere. Often it is to a toy that he is playing with so that he can share how happy it makes him with us. How can I not love this kid??

George has added the following words and phrases to his vocabulary:

  • How are you doing
  • Pointing at objects and identifying the colour: Green, blue, red, yellow, purple, pink, yellow, orange, white
  • Baby Get sleep (Olivia started to stir when we were chilling on the sofa)
  • Baby Don’t cry (Olivia started to cry when in the pushchair and he was walking along side her)
  • Baa baa black sheep has been George’s earworm this week and will spontaneously break out into song.
  • Whistle
Selfie of a toddler wearing sunglasses
This may look like a selfie but he is actually reaching for the phone

How did Olivia make me Proud?

Olivia becomes more beautiful by the day. Her eyes look like they are changing colour and have started to develop some light brown pigment in places. I look for changes every day and I think she enjoys me staring into her eyes.

She has the most amazing smile which just explodes to create a picture of happiness. She is smiling more and more now and will try to mimic my mouth movements. She also gets really chatty just before she is due for a nap.

She held onto my fingers and pulled herself to a seated position and then a stand today – very strong.

Mother and Baby Selfie
Cuddles with Olivia

Funniest Moments

We went on a family holiday with some friends last week. While we were away our friends daughter turned 1 and we had a mini party for her which involved cake. George likes his food cutting up so we chopped his cake into bite sized portions. Moments after the photo below was taken though, he grabbed my cake wedge from my plate and ran away laughing. I was holding Olivia so didn’t get to him very quickly. By the time I did, he had almost scoffed the lot.

Little boy eating birthday cake
George gets a taste for cake and plots to take the whole lot.

Frustrating Moments

I have a toddler and most of my frustrations come from knowing he needs a nap but not being able to get him to sleep. It is even more difficult on holiday when the environment and routine is different. George is so inquisitive he relates sleep to missing out. He was turbo charged for some much of the holiday and I was so pleased when he did grab a few winks of shut eye.

Little boy napping on a sofa
George grabs some shut eye after a change in routine

Guilty Moments

I was a victim of parent shaming whilst on holiday. We had the children in a pushchair and were walking to get some basic supplies from the shop on the main street on our first day on holiday. It was a warm day and there was a bunch of people outside a pub enjoying a drink on the other side of the road. One of them them thought it was a good idea to shout across the road to us “get your kids to bed, mine are in bed for 7”. I would like to make it clear that I don’t feel guilty for having my children out past another parents’  perceived bedtime, I just regret not being able to cross the busy road and giving that twonk what for, although I doubt he had the intelligence to engage in verbal combat so I would have only ended up being frustrated. As I mentioned earlier in this post: I am confident that I am a good mummy and we would not have been out if my children couldn’t handle the fresh air after a long car journey.

Any Plans?

I’m excited about meeting up with some friends during August. My beautiful children have also bought us tickets to see In The Night Garden Live at Manchester.

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